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Features and Finishes Like No Other

somers Pointe Model Home

September 25, 2023

Each Ideal home is unique and comes with a selection of gorgeous finishes, including quartz countertops, custom wood cabinets, tile and wood floors, and so much more. We intentionally do not over-pack costly features into the base price and instead help you pick and choose the best options for your budget, taste and family needs, saving money and giving you the most impact for your buying power.

These features are included in every custom home designed and built by Ideal.

  • One-year builder warranty covering errors or defects
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • Quartz countertops
  • Tiled kitchen backsplash
  • Custom solid-wood cabinetry
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Beautiful lighting packages
  • Upgraded low-sheen paint throughout the home
  • Ceiling fan in the living room
  • Fully fenced yard (Dow’s Hills options vary)
  • Fully sodded yard with trees and landscaping (Dow’s Hills options vary)
  • Covered back patio
  • Garage sidewalk
  • Widened driveway
  • Enlarged garage on select plans
  • Tornado ties and anchors

We want your new home to work for you and stand strong for many years to come. That’s why we stand behind our homes with warranties covering errors, defects and the structure that are second to none in the entire home-building industry. We have confidence in the product we build for you and want you to have that same peace of mind. We also offer guaranteed heating and cooling usage on most Ideal homes, which saves you money on your electric bill.

Exterior options feature guttering, a sodded, fenced yard with a covered back patio to house that new grill, a garage sidewalk and widened driveway that makes room for any car, boat, trailer or RV that comes to visit, Ideal offers a fabulous new-home package.

Since any new home is a big investment, Ideal wants each homeowner to be comfortable with the choices made during the building process. That’s why our designers are with you every step of the way when choosing your finishes. Our team has built more than 12,000 homes over the last 30 years and continues to grow and innovate. We want your Ideal experience to be an incredible one!

When comparing a new home to a previously owned residence, Ideal offers you peace of mind with a high-quality, energy-efficient product that is hand-picked and selected by you. You know the price of your custom-build up front. There are no hidden fees with costly repairs or replacement of appliances that can come with a pre-owned home. What may appear to be cheaper in the beginning could end up costing you more in the end. New homes come with up-to-date HVAC units, plumbing, electricity, and other components that all have to pass inspections. 

Appliance Lifespan /Cost:

HVAC systems in new and pre-owned homes can vary drastically depending on the age of the home. The life expectancy for a previously owned system will strongly depend on whether the system has had routine maintenance. The average lifespan of these systems is 10-25 years, 10 years in an older home, and up to 25 in a new home with an updated unit. The cost to replace an HVAC system can vary depending on several factors such as the unit chosen, labor costs, accessibility, removal of the old unit and the climate where the home is located. According to Modernize.com, replacing an HVAC system can range from $6,000 to over $11,000. Many factors come into play, like considering the square footage of the home and how well it is insulated.

Stainless Steel Appliances:

In Aug 2023, Sears Home Services said ranges and stoves last an average of 15 years. With the proper cleaning and maintenance, they can last well over 20 years. Repairs on a stovetop could go up to around $250, ovens around $200. Dishwashers on average last 10 to 12 years due to their frequent exposure to water on the internal parts and you'll likely spend over $150 on typical repairs.


So how much should you set aside for home maintenance? A good rule of thumb is to set aside 1%-4% of your home’s value for future repairs. The best way to minimize your costs and prolong the life of your systems is routine scheduled maintenance. 

Closing Costs:

Closing costs vary greatly depending on where you live and what you buy. In Oklahoma, you the buyer could be paying up to 5% of the house value during closing. Ideal offers to pay up to $4,000 in closing costs if you use one of our preferred lenders, Citywide or CSolutions. Used homes usually are paid for by both the lender and the seller. In most cases, the seller will not pay for the full cost of closing unless there are rare circumstances.


Insurance for new homeowners is also considered more affordable than existing home insurance because new home insurance covers homes that are built in the last two years or that are under construction. The buyer will likely be paying less for coverage when buying a new home than if a buyer were paying for a used home. New homes on average cost about $80 per month to insure. In fact, rates can increase up to 53% once a home reaches 10 years of age.

One-Year Warranty:

At Ideal Homes, we also offer a one-year warranty on your new home. The one-year warranty in which the first year covers homeownership which could be structure adjustments and covers major systems within the home such as plumbing, electrical, and heat/air. 

So, before you decide on purchasing a used/existing home, consider that your expenses may be more significant than expected. It is tempting to go for the better and less expensive-looking option, but is it the best option considering all the hidden costs that come with it? My advice is to consider a new home and take advantage of the benefits these homes have to offer!

Check out our website for even more warranties and energy-saving features that come with your new Ideal home: idealhomes.com