Fear of Rejection

April 7, 2011

Is your fear of not being able to qualify holding you back from owning a new home? Ideal Homes has worked with countless people whose anxiety about being unable to obtain financing almost kept them from experiencing the American Dream-Home Ownership. Many of them have driven through our communities, fallen in love with a floor design online but decided to banish all thoughts of home ownership because they're convinced they can't qualify. If you would love to own a new home but have questions about financing, I encourage you to take a chance and meet with our preferred lender, Citywide Mortgage. There's nothing to lose because the professionals at Citywide will assess your financial situation, and if you're not able to qualify, they'll provide helpful advice on how to qualify in the future. If your fear of not qualifying is holding you back, I would love the opportunity to help you overcome your fears to get you closer to home ownership. Please email me at eamora@ideal-homes.com with your story.
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