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August 1, 2011

Ideal Homes has recently piloted an education program which is an extension of the current Oklahoma Real Estate Commission regulated CEC course Tony Marbell promotes and Vernon McKown presents. The Home Ownership Forum is a panel style session tailored to fit corporate environments. Ideal Homes provides lunch and the attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the forum; questions may also be submitted in advance. Those in attendance have access to industry experts in a format that encourages interaction.   Steve Shoemaker is the Ideal Homes Marketing Director and Moderator for the Home Ownership Forum. He states, "The single largest investment people make is their home. The decision making process for a home purchase evokes positive and negative emotions. We look to educate to help reduce stress. When a buyer is able to make informed decisions, the well being of that home buyer is affected positively. A majority of our success is a healthy market; we also look to educate buyers to ensure they understand the market and how it is affected by relative choices."   There are many questions asked of our experts and one recurring question is, "How do I know it is the right time to buy?" It is usually asked out of those concerned about the real estate market. According to Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Association (OMBA) the following is true about Oklahoma housing:
  • Oklahoma's economy continues to show signs of strength
  • State tax receipts are up 15% over the past year as of June
  • Statewide unemployment dropped to 5.3%, decreasing in all 77 counties
  • Unemployment in Oklahoma City is 4.5% - lowest in the nation of major cities
  • Since 4th Quarter of 2009, Oklahoma's personal income growth is 2nd highest nationally
  • Oklahoma is one of a few states with significant inward migration
  • Market values on most homes have remained stable
  • Lenders and borrowers remember the Oil Bust and have remained conservative
  The above points are an example of information shared during the Home Ownership Forum and the Real Estate CEC Classes. If you have additional questions or are interested in holding a forum or CEC Class, contact Kristy Boone -
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