Did someone say peaches?

July 13, 2022

One of the fun amenities offered near The Woodlands, our new Ideal Homes neighborhood in Harrah, is picking peaches at Wind Drift Orchards. With two orchards featuring peaches and nectarines and more than 12,000 producing fruit trees, Wind Drift visitors can enjoy 38 varieties of peaches. Peach season runs from mid-June through early September, and orchard hours are subject to Mother Nature.

Wind Drift Orchards
18499 NE 50th St • Harrah, OK 73045
@winddriftorchards on Facebook

You can bring the whole family to pick your own fruit or have boxes of peaches shipped directly to your home. Reservations are required to pick at the orchard, but adults and children are welcome; sign up on the web at winddriftorchards.com. Season pass options are also available.

For the total experience, you can even rent a guest home on the gated 72-acre orchard. Two ponds for fishing are within walking distance of the house; pole and tackle are provided. Wind Drift provides every guest a box and access to pick their very own fruit right from the trees. The 4-bedroom house is spacious enough for big families to enjoy the experience together.

Other products
Wind Drift also offers bags and bundles of peach smoking wood. What a great smell!

Taking care of your fresh peaches
Fresh peaches have a short shelf life, so make sure you have a plan for your peaches once you have picked or ordered them. Remove peaches from the box as soon as possible after getting them home. Place them stem side down on a countertop in a single layer and keep them at room temperature until they are the ripeness you prefer. It’s essential to check on them often since fresh peaches ripen quickly. Refrigerating your peaches will slow down the ripening process.

If you are up for a long day trip, do not miss the Porter Peach Festival, July 14-16, 2022, in Porter, OK. The festival is sponsored by the Porter Lion’s Club and features live music, a parade, food trucks, arts, and craft vendors, tractor pulls, free peaches and ice cream, and more. And peaches! Did we say peaches? Livesay Orchards and The Peach Barn Orchard and Bakery will be open for shopping. Check out the festival’s website for more information and a schedule of activities: porterpeachfestivals.com. 

Have a peach of an ideal summer!

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