Demystifying the Buying Process: 5 Things You Should Know About New Home Sales

June 15, 2011

When you get ready to jump into the new home buying pool, sometimes you may feel like you're treading in deep water. There are qualified professionals available to coach you every stroke of the way. The following insights will have you floating through the new home purchase process, and basking in the sun, happy that you did. First: New Verses Used - It may be tempting to investigate foreclosures and short sales because you'll "Really get a good deal." But in reality, what may seem like a dream can quickly become a nightmare. Short sales and foreclosures can be lengthy. Often prices advertised are not what you will pay. Even if they are, there can be a minefield of problems that you can't see on the surface. It's amazing what spiteful homeowners can do to a house. From the obviously holes in walls and removal of appliances to the not so obvious, cement in the pipes or damaging key components of mechanical equipment, you never know what was done prior to your move in. Second: Peace of Mind - In a new home you have walk-throughs before your closing, warranties, and the knowledge that the builder wants to deliver you the best, most beautiful new home available, with all of your specific desires in mind. At Ideal Homes, we perform a pre-closing new home orientation - then return after 60 days and again at 11 months to walk through your home with you. Third: New Home Sales Consultants - Friendly people are at your fingertips, which have sold countless new homes. Each builder employs a professional staff of people who work hard to help you. From choosing a homesite or completed home that meets your needs, choosing floor plans, and helping you step by step through building a new home, they take the worry away by letting you know when and where you need to make decisions. They help you create a home tailored to your needs. Fourth: The New Home Sales Contracts - These purchase agreements can be more complex than a resale contract. Don't let this be daunting. This simply reflects that a new home sales purchase can more detailed because you are choosing specific elements. These contracts are as much for your protection as for anything else. All the details are spelled out so there will be no confusion about the final delivery of your home. You have the new home consultants who are familiar with all the procedures and paperwork there to explain the details. When it doubt, they spell it out in the contract so you will know exactly where to set your expectations. Fifth: New Home Financing - Each builder works with lenders familiar with the homes they sell. They know the in's and out's of specific communities, and are used to closing homes for that builder. By taking advantage of their universal knowledge about home financing, as well as their topical knowledge of the particular builder, there will be far less surprises as you step though the financing and closing processes. By understand these five elements of new home ownership your new home purchase will be something you swim through with ease. Image source: ©
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