Decorate for Fall Without Damaging Your Home Inside and Out

October 27, 2011

Tis' the season for decorations. From fall festive leaves and wreaths, ghosts or pumpkins to pilgrims and turkeys followed by lights, trees or other festive décor. It's time to decorate! Everyone likes a little fall color and it seems that the seasons that warrant decorations are upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all seem to have a variety of themed options. But how do you decorate without doing damage to your walls inside or your vinyl siding outside? Here are three decorative tips we've put together to make your season festive without destroying your home. 1) free standing displays - These are groupings of pumpkins and gourds that can be placed outside on a front step, flowing along a pathway, or as a centerpiece on a table top. These decorations are readily available and add that fall flair you've been looking for. 2) Look for no hole hooks for the outdoors - Don't want to damage that vinyl siding, but you'd like to hang a wreath a stream of lights etc? Look for stainless steel hooks like these that clip into and under your siding verses putting holes through it. This will give you unlimited options for lighting and decorating on the outside of your home. 3) Command Strips are your friend - Three is for 3M! They make incredible hooks in all sizes and strengths to support your wall decorations without making a single hole. These great products allow you to stick a hook anywhere you can imagine and hang those spooky spiders or those delicate sparkly lights. Some of them are clear and if put in non-obtrusive spots can be left up year after year without much notice. Or if you need to take them down seasonally then just pull the little tab carefully and the hook will peal away nicely. With just these three decorating aids and ideas you will have lots of color, easy clean up, and no repairs. Image source: ©
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