Day 1 & 2

February 3, 2010

DSC_0508We've officially kicked off our Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build.Yesterday was an exciting day, starting off with Ty Pennington's famous, "Good morning, Skaggs family!" The Ideal Homes team, along with Xzibit, Jillian Harris from The Bachelorette, Ty Pennington and the designers. braved the mud and the ice in Lexington to put on our blue shirts and take part in the Braveheart March. It was an emotional moment when the owners of Ideal Homes and the Skaggs family met for the first time. A team of volunteers worked through the night to prepare the site for the home. Today, we've encountered some unique challenges with the mud and melting snow, but the foundation had been poured. The energy is high, and we're well on our way.
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