Creating an Ideal Bathroom Sanctuary

July 15, 2021

It’s your retreat, your calming place. It’s one of the most important rooms in your new Ideal home: a relaxation space, a thinking space, a taking-care-of-you space. It’s your bathroom. Whether planning a new build or refreshing the old, your bathroom design is probably near the top of your to-do list. An updated modern bath can bring peace and harmony to your life and add immediate value to your home, too.

So what goes into creating an Ideal bathroom sanctuary?

First, determine who will be using the bathroom. A guest bath, or powder room, is usually only used by visitors so it can be whimsical or dramatic. But welcoming. A family bath, on the other hand, will have to meet the needs of many users, so it should be more practical, while a main ensuite bath should encourage relaxation and renewal.

If you’re building or rebuilding a bath, your options may be limited only by your budget. But if you’re just in the market to refresh an existing space, there are certainly things you can do to modernize and improve ambiance and functionality.

Clean up the clutter

Clutter makes it nearly impossible to relax in any space, so embrace a “less is more” design philosophy. Store commonly used items out of sight. Put hairdryers and other appliances under the sink. Storage baskets are a great way to organize commonly used items and store them in a cabinet or closet. Glass jars for cotton balls, trays or baskets for towels, and clear dispensers for soaps and lotions create an extra layer of “clean” that looks great.

Calm the colors

Calm, neutral color tones such as white, gray, beige or blue, create a soothing, clean and welcoming environment. That’s why they’re used in most commercial spas. Nature-inspired colors also bring a calming effect. If you’re working with a small space, lighter colors work best.

Scent for your senses

Your ideal spa-like experience should begin when you step through the door with fragrances that calm your spirit and move you from hectic to serene. There are many easy ways to create your own aromatherapy oasis. Essential oils, scented soaps, lotions and candles are inexpensive and make great bath accessories. Lavender, jasmine or eucalyptus are natural scents with calming effects.

Accessorize wisely

Accessories play a vital role in creating calm. Shower curtains, towels, bathmats and artwork help turn your plain bathroom into your sanctuary. Treat your feet to a soft, plush rug to complete the experience.

Freshen fixtures

Shower heads can create an entire sensory experience. They come in all shapes and sizes and upgrading is pretty simple and fairly inexpensive. Massagers, waterfall heads, or hand-held units are just a few of the options available. While you’re changing the fixtures, consider adding a little luxury by swapping out old cabinet hardware and faucets to a newer, sleeker style.

Wrap yourself in luxury

You should have a spa experience from beginning to end. Invest in new towels of spa quality … soft, fluffy and absorbent. And why not consider a towel warmer for that heaven-on-earth feeling of wrapping up in a soft, warm towel after a rejuvenating bath?

Mood lighting

Light your sanctuary with ambient mood lighting. Don’t be afraid to incorporate fixtures that may seem more appropriate for other areas of the house. Wall sconces, chandeliers, even candelabras are popular. A dimmer switch transforms your bathroom from a functional, utilitarian space into a sensual, serene oasis.

Ready to build your own? At our Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods Design Center you can find all the finishing touches you need to create the perfect sanctuary in your new custom home.


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