Cleaning Out Rain Gutters

November 23, 2012

With the change of the seasons come falling leaves and the chore of cleaning out the gutters on your home. Cleaning the gutters isn't the most fun job on the to-do list, but this often overlooked item is important. Why? Gutters are designed to move water from the roof away from the foundation of the home, providing for proper drainage. If water can't freely move through the gutters, it can cause moisture to go places it doesn't belong. Build-up in your gutters can also lead to ice damming. When water freezes in the gutters, the ice backs up and can cause damage to wood or shingles on your home and leave you vulnerable to leaks. Debris that holds water in your gutters can also weigh down the system, which can put stress on and eventually break the brackets holding the gutters in place. You may be surprised by the amount of leaves and other debris that accumulates in the gutters over a period of time. Properly carrying out this home maintenance item will save you from potential problems down the road.
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