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Add some color to your world!

Add some color to your world!

May 16, 2024

Welcome Sherwin-Williams® to the Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods family of partners! Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is now using Sherwin-Williams paint products exclusively in all new homes. 

Benefits of this partnership

Andrew Wood, Director of Purchasing for Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods, says Sherwin-Williams has been an industry leader in paint products for many years. “They are at the top of the paint game, and everyone knows Sherwin-Williams products are great,” says Wood. 

  • Customers enjoy the convenience of hundreds of stores where you can get your very own specific colors and products, even if you’re in a different city. 
  • Sherwin-Williams offers excellent support, as well as top-of-the-line products. There’s no guessing about how to use their products because in-store staff are trained in customer support and technical knowledge. 
  • Sherwin-Williams brings consistent quality throughout our homes and helps ensure Ideal homes are the best they can be. 

Training and service

“Sherwin-Williams offers an unmatched level of service and training,” continues Wood. 

  • They encourage partners to try different products. 
  • They train Ideal partners on how to apply the products because every product has a different process. 
  • Partners learn how to use the products directly from those who developed the products. 

Local team members guide us through the process, a key benefit since Sherwin-Williams is the manufacturer and retailer. 

Sherwin-Williams also keeps meticulous records, so customers can pull up their specific home products by address and color. Refreshing colors is a breeze because all the records are available to homeowners, as well as color matching. 

“We believe this new partnership with Sherwin-Williams will help us continue to provide the best possible products to all our homeowners,” concluded Wood.