A Pet-Friendly Home

September 24, 2019

Dakota, Dog model, Oklahoma CityDakota, Dog model, Oklahoma City, stuffed pheasantWhen choosing a new home, we shouldn't forget about our pets. They're important members of our family too, and we want them to have the things they need to lead happy lives. We also want our home to include features that help make our lives with our pets easier. So whether you're moving into a new home or trying to make your existing home more pet-friendly, here are a few tips for having a home you and your pet both love.
  1. Storage - Owning a pet comes with extra stuff. From food to toys to leashes, we need places to keep our pet gear without it getting in the way. Many of our floor plans offer a mudroom with a storage bench and cabinets perfect for hanging leashes and storing toys and extras. If you're in need of any pet supplies, you can find many of the stores located in the area here.
  2. Cleaning - We love our pets, but they can all come with their own messes. Pet hair can be an issue depending on the breed, and it's best to hide away litter boxes in less frequently used areas of the homes. One way to make clean up easier for everyone is by choosing durable flooring. Tile, wood, or high-end laminate make great choices for pet owners because they make clean up a breeze.
  3. Outdoor Space - A fenced in backyard is often high on the list for homeowners with dogs, but there are other things to consider. Does your home have a back patio where your pet can cool off in the summer months? What about a neighborhood with walking trails and safe sidewalks? If you're looking to give your dog a chance to play with other dogs, check out our list of Oklahoma City dog parks.
  4. Bathing - Where will you bathe your pet? A bathtub or maybe even a laundry room utility sink are often good options, depending on the size of the pet. Large farmhouse sinks also offer a stylish option. Showerheads with a detachable sprayer can be an affordable option that will make your life easier. After you have them looking good, show your pet off at one of Oklahoma City's pet-friendly restaurants.
Don't have a pet yet? Consider adoption! The Oklahoma City area has a lot of good option for pet adoption services.
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