6 Holiday Tips To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

November 14, 2013

The Holidays are a perfect time to make that brand new house start to feel like home. If you've just moved in and the boxes have barely been unpacked, the holidays can feel a little out of sorts. Here are some quick fixes to make your new home feel like home. Create Your Own Traditions - It's a new home--a great place to start new family traditions that will carry on for years to come. Maybe it's going out and finding leaves with the kids and doing leaf rubbings to hang for the holidays. The sky's the limit when creating new holiday traditions. Use Nature to Decorate - The holidays bring on the scents and feel of the outdoors with pine needles and cinnamon permeating the air. You can make your own simmer pots, create beautiful centerpieces, and use other natural elements. Draw from the Past - Now that you have your own home, you can bring elements and memories from years gone by and incorporate them into your new home. Music Sets A Tone - Music can bring you back to a place in time or help you define a new location. Find some songs that say holiday season to you and make it a part of the dinner hour or the weekends leading up to the holidays in your home. Help Others - Just simply going out to volunteer for organizations and people in need will make your home feel that much more meaningful. It is a great holiday tradition to instill in your family. Neighborhood Gatherings - Get to know the neighbors and have holiday cookie exchanges, potluck dinners, or other group get-togethers. Getting to know the neighborhood will make your house a home. By implementing any one or more of these tips and tricks, you'll quickly be on your way to settling in and finding that homey vibe.
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