5 Big Design Ideas For Small Spaces

January 19, 2012

We recently talked about the trend toward smaller more economical homes, but small doesn't need to be cramped and, in-fact, with some well-planned design elements a small space can feel even roomier than poorly planned big spaces. Many new home layouts include open airy floor plans, high soaring ceilings, large windows and nice storage nooks. As builders move toward creating smaller spaces, this has given rise to smaller furniture as well so shopping for your home should be a snap. The following tips and tricks can help you make the most out of your floor plans and create a comfy cozy home. 1. Define a Space with Open Shelving - A great way to define two adjacent rooms in an open floor plan is to create a shelving unit that can store some of your knick-knacks. A floor to ceiling open unit provides spaces for items while still leaving the airy feel that an open floor plan has to offer. You don't lose any of the light and yet can create two distinct spaces while adding more storage. 2. Turn Nooks into Usable Space - do you have a space between two walls or a tiny alcove? Make this into usable space with storage benches, shelving or desks to create lounging, storage, or workspaces. This goes for spaces under stairs, in bay windows, or even between two closets in a bedroom. 3. Avoid Dark Colors - To keep spaces open and bright and to give a larger feeling, decorate with lighter hues both for your wall colors and for your furniture. Dark colors can make rooms appear smaller and more cramped. 4. Floor to Ceiling Window Treatments - Increase the flow and create a larger look to your room with floor to ceiling window treatments. This creates the effect of an extensive bank of windows, and draws the eye up to the high ceilings in the space creating a spacious feel. 5. Use Mirrors to Enhance Space - This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in the book. A well-positioned floor to ceiling mirror can extend the space visually and bounce the light around a room and brighten the space as well. Just a few small implementations can create big results in turning your small space into a grand statement. Let us know if you have any tricks and tips that work for you! Image source: ©PhotoXpress.com
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