4 Tips to Help Make A Smooth Move

July 7, 2011

Buying a new home is the fun part. You find your floor plan, pick your options, watch your new home materialize, and then you have your keys in hand. Exciting! Moving: Not so exciting. Moving can be a daunting task. Here are some tips, tools, and checklists to help make moving into your new home smooth and easy. 1. Space planning: One of the most difficult questions when moving, "Where's it going to go?" A great iphone app that helps you find the answer is Mark on Call. This Home Interior Layout Designer lets you construct your new room. Measure and re-create your furniture and position it in the space. This helps immensely when directing movers or friends to place furniture where it will go verses stacked in a corner. Remember move rugs in first and unroll them. Then bring in the furniture and boxes. 2. Labeling: Seems simple, never is. Keep like objects in boxes from specific places and write a detailed label. Don't just write master closet or kitchen. Write suites and ties, summer shorts and t-shirts, Coffee maker, toaster and crock pot. This will be a lifesaver when you are digging in a box of bathing suits to find your fuzzy robe and slippers. Descriptive labels will eliminate countless hours of frustration when you desperately need that first cup of coffee in the morning. Without them you're unwrapping endless numbers of wine glasses wishing for coffee and more detailed labeling. 3. Utilities And Services: Some utilities and services may be transferable from your current location, while others may require new accounts. Some services are optional and others may be included in your fees. There's nothing more chillingly eye opening than taking a shower shortly after moving into your new home and realizing you didn't contact the gas company. Take a look at the following list and make sure you know what you do and don't need and research the right companies to call in your area. - Electricity - Gas - Phone - Cable - Internet - Trash Removal - Water - Waste Water - Security 4. Changing Your Address: Seems straight forward, you can find USPS online but this will only forward your mail for one year. After that, the little yellow labels run out. If you haven't changed everything over you may not receive important information. Here's a key list of people and services you should notify. - Car Insurance, Health Insurance and any other Insurance Providers - Credit Cards, Loans, and Anyone Else You Owe Money To - Amazon.com, Ebay, Other internet services that have your mailing address - Monthly Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions - Doctors Offices - Previous Employers (W-2s) - Professional Licenses, Business Organizations - Parents and Grand Parents (Especially if you get checks during the holidays!) - Your Drivers License Being proactive with just these four things will make your move a much easier process. Image source: ©PhotoXpress.com
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