12 Quick fixes to Sell Your Home And Buy Your Dream Home

October 2, 2014

sold sign for sale signOften when people are looking at moving up into a new home, and have a current home to sell, the eternal question arises. Should I do some home improvement projects first or sell it "as is"? First off, ask yourself who really wants to buy a fixer upper? It's usually house flippers and people who can't qualify for more expensive homes. Most people do not look at a home with the intention to rip it down to the studs and start over. Most who "think" they want to take on projects in a home, really are just looking at cosmetic work and are not qualified nor do they have the time to get into major reconstruction. Assess the condition of your home and figure out what will give you the most bang for your buck. If your home is a true fixer-upper, you are going to have to price it with the intention that someone is going to want a "deal" in order to take it off your hands. But, as with many cases you can take a look at where some minor investments may give your home a more sellable look and still keep your investment down while maximizing your sales price. Be smart and look at comparable homes selling in your neighborhood. Take a day to tour them and see how they compare in price and finishes to your own home. If most of the homes seem to have upgraded kitchens or bathrooms or other desirable features, you may want to look at bringing your home up to the same standard in order to sell. Here are 12 quick fixes that cost little but make a big difference in the quality of your home and ability to sell it:
  1. Fix holes, cracks and nail pops in drywall
  2. Give a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout
  3. Repair leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes
  4. Replace worn carpet and linoleum
  5. Change out dated light fixtures and ceiling fans
  6. Repair broken blinds and window coverings
  7. Make sure all appliances are in working conditions
  8. Clear clutter
  9. Weed, edge, and clear landscaping and fix curb appeal
  10. Power wash the exterior
  11. Clean windows and fix any broken sashes or bent screens
  12. Freshen up linens, curtains, and shower curtains
These fixes and changes can give your home a new look without a lot of cash spent and can really improve the bottom line of your sale. Selling your home for top dollar can help in turning around and buying the dream home in your next new neighborhood.
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