So many flooring types—how do you choose?

May 10, 2017

Every year, we see new innovations in flooring choices for your home. Manufacturers continue to look for ways to provide lasting beauty that’s easy to maintain. With so many flooring types, how do you choose the one that’s right for your home? High-traffic areas can look better than ever without worrying about scratches and marks on your floors. Some of the popular choices include the new luxury vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tile. Get the look of ceramic tile and wood flooring, with the easy care of vinyl. The vinyl plank is cut in plank lengths, to enhance the natural look of your floor. Vinyl tile includes grouting so it maintains the look of ceramic tile. Wood flooring is very popular right now, and if your tastes run toward the color and texture of wood, you’re in luck. From the high-end hardwood flooring to a broad portfolio of engineered wood and laminate flooring, you can define any room in your home to suit your vision.  Many of our Ideal Homes customers are amazed by the quality and natural look of engineered hardwood flooring and wood look tiles. Both flooring types provide an eye-catching look that stands up to heavy use, and you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, so it’s easy to achieve the look you want—from rustic to sophisticated. Many homeowners like the feel of carpet for living rooms and bedrooms. We even match the carpet in the living area with the stairs, but use a lower pile on the stairs, for safety. In addition to offering choices in the carpet itself, we give our customers a variety of carpet pads. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the difference a cushier carpet pad can make. Smaller tiles have become a popular trend in bathrooms, particularly powder rooms. This retro look offers different shapes, including hexagonal tiles. Our Design Center likes to get creative with patterns for floor tiles in the bathrooms. The flooring in a room creates the foundation for the space’s look and feel. Whether you want subtle or dramatic, your flooring choices are so diverse that you can achieve your personal style. Ideal Homes specializes in giving our customers a full range of choices to customize their homes. If you’re considering a move to the Oklahoma City area, contact Ideal Homes to explore the opportunities we can give you.
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