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Community Reinvestment


Work. Live. Give. These three words sum up our relationship to our beloved Oklahoma City. A major part of our company culture is giving to the communities that we live and work in, whether that be our time, our labor, or our resources. We love what we do, and it invigorates us to help communities both locally and internationally, one brick at a time. 

Our 5% Commitment

We have a 5% commitment to the community. What this means is every year we are committed to giving 5% back. We do this not just by direct donations to charities and fundraising opportunities but also by supporting the causes that are important to our employees. Whenever an employee is involved in something, whether it’s the Race for the Cure or other important program, we give. On staff members’ yearly anniversaries we give $10 per year of employment to a charity of their choice.

Building Stronger Communities

We are very in tune with the fact that as builders, we have the unique opportunity to fulfill a need simply by doing what we do best. Sometimes as a struggling homeowner you just need a Day of Caring. This is a fun, local program we participate in where we identify local families in need and then assemble a team from our company to go out and make a difference. It could be as simple as fixing a porch, painting a house, or building a chair ramp. The possibilities are endless and the impact is beyond words.

Give With Us

Every opportunity to give back has been meaningful and impactful to us, but we want to highlight a few of our favorite projects here and invite you to join us in supporting some amazing causes.