Quick patio makeovers: bring the indoors out!

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April 25, 2022

Do you ever think of your back patio as an extra room? If not, you’re missing out! The patio can be a great extra space to entertain for dinner parties, enjoy family nights and catch up on relaxation, not to mention soaking up some fabulous Oklahoma sunshine.

Here are a few ways to spruce up and breathe new life into your back porch or patio area without hiring an expert. No excavation is required!

Bring the inside outside

Make it feel like a second living room … stylish but comfortable with pillows, cushions, and a rug. Maybe even a weather-resistant coffee table with books and games. You’ll never want to go inside.

Start with the structure. Pergola anyone?

This project may require a day off and a run to the hardware store, but these overhead structures with lattice panels provide just the right amount of shade without blocking natural light. For upscale privacy, a quick installation of billowy outdoor curtains will give your backyard an upscale cabana feel, plus more privacy for lounging, reading, or hanging out by the pool. And they’ll provide much-appreciated shade on hot Oklahoma days.

Floor it

If ugly floors are a problem on your patio, try some paint and a stencil. The change will be dramatic, and the price tag won’t be.

Warm it up with a fire pit or fireplace

Set up some novelty seating (like tree stumps) around a fire pit and keep plenty of cozy blankets for late evening hangs. And don’t forget the s’mores!

Since you’ll have plenty of firewood on hand to keep your fire pit going, consider installing a railing solution to organize all that wood and double as a woodsy aesthetic. This is also a great way to store your winter firewood.

Privacy, please

If your existing wall or fence is too short to really give you the privacy you crave, add a few wooden slats to make your wall higher and ramp up your privacy.

Then consider the zones. Dinner-party friendly

If you love to fire up the grill and host those summer barbeques or brunches, add a large table and plenty of seating. Even a grown-up picnic table will work.

Strategic seating

Maybe all you need is to rearrange your existing outdoor furniture. Set up single chairs in a way that encourages conversation for some great late-night talks.

The best view in the house?

Whether it’s for Sunday football or summer night movies, bring a TV or video projector outdoors and enjoy a good binge-watch in your backyard. Just be sure to follow safety tips for an electronic-safe area.

Then add the finishing touches

Once you make your patio more functional, take your design up a notch by adding some finishing décor touches. The addition of pillows, lanterns, side tables, potted plants or even a funky mirror or garland can go a long way to “patio beautiful.” Of course, take into consideration whether your patio is covered or not when you choose your décor.

How about a hammock?

No oasis is complete without a perfect place to nap or enjoy a book with a cool drink. A hammock is a must for relaxation. You just need a couple of good sturdy anchor points to swing this porch upgrade. Or take advantage of ready-made frames available at your favorite home improvement store or online.

Set the table

If you’re hosting a brunch or dinner party in your backyard, forget trying to keep those paper plates on the table in the Oklahoma wind and go with a set of outdoor dinnerware, silverware and glasses. A small investment that will serve you well for years to come. And your guests will thank you.

Take a seat

Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of chairs and a table to set your morning coffee down to make your patio feel complete.

Cram in the color

If your patio is missing a certain something, break out bold pops of color with outdoor paint. Geometric shapes can really make outdoor décor pop. Outdoor pillows are also an inexpensive way to add color.

Light it up

String lights twirling overhead are a must. Easy to install, inexpensive, and definitely impressive.

Stock a bar cart

A well-stocked bar cart — ice, sparkling water, and citrus garnishes — will keep your guests hydrated and add to your pulled-together look.

Flowers pull it all together

Traditional or funky container pots of flowers add color and lead the eye to a beautiful focal point. Your local greenhouse or garden center has everything you’ll need for an eye-popping bounty of color suitable for the sun on your patio.

For more ideas and inspirational photos for your ideal patio or back porch, visit MyDomaine.com.

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