Oklahoma City: Top in Job Creation and Earnings Growth Across the Country

February 14, 2013

Recent statistics show Oklahoma City making high rankings across the country for job and economic growth which naturally speaks to the need for a rise in new home construction and housing needs. According to Forbes our city is among the top 10 cities for potential real estate appreciation. This is no surprise as job availability and demand increases and people flock to the city at a rate of an additional 1000 citizens per month inside the city limits and 2000 per month including the larger metro area. Oklahoma City recently ranked fourth in the nation on the list of "best cities for jobs" in a national survey performed by an employment service called Manpower. And both Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center ranked among the top 25 for jobs in Academia in the country according to Scientist Magazine. Not only do we have great jobs across the country, but according to the calculations of a survey done by CareerBliss, we rank number three for happiest city for work in the entire country. The city itself is bouncing back from the recession nicely. The Bureau of Labor statistics in Washington found that as of February, only 13 cities across the nation are successfully recovering from the recession and we are counted among them. We were also ranked number one in earnings growth in comparison to other metro areas with more than a million people. According to a report released by Garner Economics, we beat out New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and every other big city out there. Not only are we number one in earnings growth, but we are also sitting at number one for job creation according to the national polling firm Gallup, as of their recent release of job creation numbers. We are number one for job creation, number one for earnings growth and, last but not least, we are also the best place on earth for gas and oil investment according to a survey conducted by Frasier Institute. With all these things we have going for us, it's no wonder Forbes sees us as one of the top 10 cities poised for real estate appreciation. There is definitely a need for continued high quality home construction in the area, and luckily Ideal Homes is up to the task!
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