Kitchens Designed for Entertaining

November 20, 2018

Great kitchen design is all about finding that balance between great form and efficient function. We all want our kitchens to look beautiful while still making such an important room in our home work as hard as we do. At Ideal Homes, we strive to design homes that complement your lifestyle, whether you're preparing a dinner for one or preparing a turkey meal for an entire group. Here are a few kitchen trends that look great while still making entertaining easier: A Center Island - Islands serve a variety of purposes whether you're using the countertop for food prep, an island sink for cleaning up, or a bar top for serving food. The island often becomes where everyone gathers to hang out while the food is being prepared. Lately, we've seen more people desiring the lower counter height for great sight lines, but some do still prefer the step-up bar height for eating or entertaining. No matter what your island looks like, make sure the flow around it gives you plenty of space to move throughout the kitchen. Open Concept - Speaking of a low island bar height, an open concept is currently the trend in home design. While we do still have floorplans for those who like to hide the mess of the kitchen away, a lot of homebuyers are leaning toward open living / dining / kitchen concepts where cooks can stay part of the action. You can break up the space with pendant lights or use different flooring types to break up the space, but many people like to keep it consistent with wood floors or wood look tile throughout. Open Shelving - Open shelving as opposed to all cabinets isn't a new concept, but the farmhouse and industrial trends really brought this look to the masses. This allows the kitchen to look larger and gives you the chance to display your favorite pieces. One tip is to make sure you have plenty of other cabinets whether it be lower cabinets, a pantry, or strategically placed upper cabinets to give you space to store all those less beautiful, but necessary, items. Statement Pieces - Don't let the kitchen be ignored when it comes to color or fun design. One trend is to find at least one way to make your kitchen pop. Whether it's a fun backsplash, a unique color on the cabinets, or special light fixtures, the kitchen gives you an opportunity to really show your personality with your design. If you want to view more kitchens, check out our photo gallery, or if you'd rather see them in person, schedule a tour of one of our model homes by contacting Elena.
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