How To Tip: Cleaning Your Jetted Tub

March 15, 2012

We've given you a few how to tips to go along with your new home such as maintaining those must have hardwood floors, and preparing your home for the spring season. Another must have on your list was the jetted tub in the master bathroom. But how do you keep it clean and functioning? Because a jetted bathtub is different than a hot tub spa, and it doesn't take constant chemicals to keep it bacteria free, there are a few steps you can take to keep the jets clean and clear from mold and debris. It's always important to take a look at the manufacturers' instructions and make sure that certain cleaners will not be harsh or abrasive to your particular tub, so familiarize yourself with your specific brand of jetted tub. When you undertake a cleaning of the jets, fill the tub with hot water approximately 3 inches above the jets and turn off the air induction valve. Then add ¼ cup of low foaming disinfectant such as powdered dish washing soap and ½ cup bleach to the water. If your instructions tell you to stay away from bleach, vinegar can also be a great cleaning and disinfecting agent. Run the jets on high for about 15 minutes then drain the tub and refill and rinse with cold water. Staying on top of this routine once a month will prevent slime and bacteria build up in pipes and jets. If you are not comfortable using household products, you can find special cleaners for tubs directly from the manufacturer or other professional plumbing and cleaning suppliers. Some companies advocate using bio cleaners specifically designated for jetted tubs. While this may be needed if a tub sits for a long time, it is still feasible to use the household cleaners once a month and reserve the use of more costly bio cleaners once a season for deeper cleaning. The key is to make sure you are not seeing any brown or black discharge from your jets. This is the sign that a more rigorous attention to cleaning needs to be implemented so that you can enjoy your tub for years to come. Image source: ©      
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