Brian Henry, Director of Construction

Brian Henry with his kids

August 30, 2021

“I love coming to work every day,” says Brian Henry, one of three Directors of Construction for Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods. “I’ve never thought about working anywhere else.” Henry has been with Ideal for 22 years and was promoted from builder to Director of Construction in July 2020. He has watched Ideal evolve from a young company to one that is known for building an exceptional quality home and putting resources where things really matter.

Before Ideal, he studied criminal justice at Oklahoma Christian University and the University of Central Oklahoma. He’s worked in finance and counseled youth at a juvenile shelter, but a builder friend persuaded him to consider a job in construction and the rest is history. When he started, Henry didn’t have a clue what a “stud” was, much less how to build a wall. So, he started with Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods as a customer care field rep, worked warranties and orientations, and then became a builder – a position he held for 20 years. 

Now as construction director, Henry oversees Ideal’s north territory and leads a team of seven expert builders, most of whom have 13-14 years tenure with the company. He is always looking for better ways to do things which is part of what makes him a great leader. When hiring new employees, he looks for young leaders and helps set them on the right track. According to Henry, you can never learn too much.

“I love the people and culture of Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods,” he says. “This company stands for something, and a person can learn every day. Building is 80 percent organization, and this job has made me learn structure. It’s changed my entire life,” he continued. 

“A better understanding of how to manage and empathize with my employees makes the job more personal for everyone. Learning to read people and understand their personalities has even made my family life better,” Henry said. “I’m able to be more supportive of my children in their endeavors.” 

“Hands down, our company builds the best quality home there is, and I’m proud to be a part of that process,” says Henry.

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