10 Advantages to Owning a New Home

August 11, 2011

In today's economy it's not uncommon to hear people on the fence about buying a new home. However there are so many more advantages in purchasing new that trumps buying a used home. Modern Floor Plans - New homes have the latest floor plans. You'll find typical ceiling heights are much higher than that 1980's and older fixer-upper. With open floor plans, attention to detail in master bathrooms, closets, and special rooms like man caves, sun rooms, and morning rooms, floor plans today are designed to optimize space. You won't need to put in the costly expense of moving walls, updating kitchens and bathrooms or lose a bedroom to make way for your shoe collection. Customizable - In a new home, you can customize the home to fit your needs as it is being built, you can choose the colors, flooring, cabinetry and other options that will fit your tastes and you won't have to worry about costly renovations as soon as you sign the final papers. Instead the house is made into something you will love before you ever put the key in the door. Technology - New homes are designed with today's technology in mind. You will have ample phone jacks, high-speed cable, and surround-sound speakers. Security systems can be prewired in as you build your home. With smart home technology, you have so many more options and they can all be put in place before the drywall ever even goes up. New homes have less mess and headache then the task of creating holes to add today's technology to yesterday's home. Easy Maintenance Materials -Lower maintenance materials allow you to carve out more time and enjoy living in your home, verses doing time consuming projects to maintain its beauty. From vinyl to composite materials, with a new home you can put down the sander and paintbrush and pick up a book and enjoy your weekends. Going Green - The more modern a home, the more likely energy efficient equipment has been installed to make your home a greener place to be. From energy efficient doors and window, to proper insulation and energy star rated equipment and materials a new home is going to have a lighter impact on the environment, and on your wallet when it comes time to pay your energy bill. Safety - With modern materials and homes built to current building codes you eliminate the possibility of lead based paints and asbestos as well as bad plumbing and wiring issues that don't hold up to the building codes used today. Warranties - When you buy a home from a builder, it comes with a variety of warranties, from structural and mechanical to the warranties that come with the equipment used in your home. All around there is more peace of mind when purchasing new. While a warranty can be purchased with a used home, they typically last a year and only cover certain things. A homebuilder's warranty is far more comprehensive and can cover certain equipment for 2 years and other aspects of your home for up to 10 years. Predictable time frames - Builders build homes like clock work, they know how long it will take for each phase of the process and can give you a very clear estimate on time it will take to complete all stages of your home. With short sales, there is no predictable timeframe from offer to close. This can be a nerve-wracking process if you need to be in your home in time for a new job, the start of school, or the arrival of a new baby. Customer Service - When purchasing a new home there are knowledgeable sales people to help you customize your home every step of the way. They keep you abreast of time lines, and create, meet and exceed your expectations during the home building process. Community - New homes are not just houses; they are often built in planned communities, which are designed around a neighborhood concept. With parks, playgrounds, and amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and walking paths, new home communities are designed with meeting your neighbors in mind and growing life long connections. Now, armed with these 10 points, you are better equipped to go out into the world and shop for a new home. By comparing what may seem like a bargain or a deal, to all the conveniences, safety and ability to customize your new home, there's no comparison. Find the perfect new home today. Image source: ©PhotoXpress.com
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