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Blog Archive for February, 2012

Housing Markets Across the Country Are in an Upswing

Categories: Home Ownership, Market Data | Posted: February 9, 2012

According to the National Association of Home Builders/First American Improving Markets Index (IMI) released on February 6, 2012 – 98 housing markets representing 36 states are showing measurable improvements.

This index measures increases in housing permits, employment, and price improvements as identified in metropolitan areas for a minimum of six consecutive months. Some of the previously hardest hit markets are showing signs of recovery as they come off their lows. New entrants for February include Miami, Fla; Boston; Detroit; Kansas City, Mo.; Portland, Ore.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Salt Lake City.

What does this mean for wood-be homebuyers? You will start seeing pricing stabilize in many housing markets across the United States. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a new home, it’s a good time to buy. Interest rates continue to be favorable for those who can qualify for loans. If you need tips on improving your credit rating to qualify for a new home check out our article on Credit Repair.

According to NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe, “This is a sign that a large cross section of the country is starting to turn the corner as local economic conditions stabilize.”

For a complete list of all 98 recovering markets listed on the IMI visit And for more details and the complete article from NAHB Visit the National Association For Home Builders for this and other valuable information.

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